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From Winner Restaurants to Mind-blowing Shopping: Discovering Seattle

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The city popular for having Amazon and Starbucks is a great place to visit, whether you are single, or have a couple, family and kids.


It also has great value for business travelers. After the area’s first largest employer Boeing had sliced 60.000 jobs, the unemployment rate increased rapidly up to 13 %. The iconic post near the Seattle airport said ‘’the last person leaving the Seattle, turn out the lights’’.


That reality of 1971 is no longer typical for Seattle. Nowadays it’s one the cities in the county known for its nationally recognized restaurants, major league sports teams and giant companies like Amazon and Starbucks.


Nowadays the city offers plenty of activities. If you don’t know how to start your acquaintance with Seattle, we will guide you through it.

No trip can go without a good food.  Let’s point out some the food places for Seattle


The winner of two medals, Seattle chef Edouardo Jordan stands out with his cooking style. Another chef named Mutsuko Soma makes Japanese soba noodles from scratch – one of the few such artisans in the U.S.


Grilled food lovers are invited to the Georgetown neighborhood at Ciudad to taste the masterpieces of the chef Aaron Wills.

Seattle does not discriminate any national cuisine. Mexican food lovers can enjoy Mexico’s rich flavors with handmade corn tortillas, tortas, and grilled corn.


You probably wonder about places you can drink. Well, Chris and Anu Elford invite you to the city’s most exciting drinking place. Check out No Anchor and Navy Strength. Those are two places you will want to stay in long.

As soon as you grab your food and get some drink, you would love to go out to wander the streets of the city.


Enjoy the beauty of its forests, mountains, and waterways. Seward Park has a view of massive Mount Rainier.


Do you want to be close to the water? No problem. There is an opportunity to go canoeing on a sailboat for free on Sundays.


Seattle is a fairy tale for those who are crazy about shopping. The Fremont Vintage Mall has various options, including vintage for men and women.



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