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The First West Seattle Charter School Will Be Open Next Fall

You are currently viewing The First West Seattle Charter School Will Be Open Next Fall
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The planning of a charter school in Arbor Heights is still continuing to move forward, says the organization that is behind it, despite the decision of the Supreme Court denying to reconsider its ruling against publicly funding for charters.


Remodeling a church (ex-supermarket) into Summit Atlas in West Seattle has been in planning for about a year by Summit Public Schools. The organization is still determined to move forward and hopes that legislature will make it right for children. There are many students who need free and high quality experience in high school that will prepare them for college. Summit Public Schools say, that students in West Seattle school have a choice to go to a public school.


The West Seattle school for 6th-12th graders will be open no earlier than next fall. The first charter school plan appeared in the news in January, after the site was bought by Washington Charter School Development for $4,75 million to be remodeled.

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  1. Justin Bradshaw

    Our daughter goes to a public charter school, this is the 2nd year. She’s in 6th grade. We are very happy with the results so far. It IS a little harder than a regular school, but only because they are teaching the kids to aspire to obtain a college or some kind of technical degree.

  2. Brenda

    I hope they do still open, and not change their minds at the last minute. We aren’t too happy right now with the education the kids are getting, and it’s not possible to put them into a private school and due to our work schedules, home-schooling is NOT an option. Our kids will be signed up as soon as we get the paperwork for it.

  3. Frances

    I’m so excited about this new prospect. I’m hoping to convince my daughter to enroll my three grandchildren next fall. I think it will be an excellent opportunity for them to receive a quality education and its close by. We’ve done a lot of research and charter school seems like the best option. We love the focus on academic performance. I hope this goes through!

  4. sllbradshawssc

    In my city we have a few public charter schools, and lots of people within the community love them. In my opinion as long as the kids, the students, are understanding the material better, and getting the help they need to learn then any type of schooling is great. I can’t wait to hear how the students prosper at this school and succeed in life.

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