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First-Time Criminals will get no Jailtime, but Taxpayers Split the Bill

You are currently viewing First-Time Criminals will get no Jailtime, but Taxpayers Split the Bill
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First-time Criminals Get a “Pass” so to Speak

First-time criminals will not see jail time for crimes. Nor will they pay restitution. Instead, the suspects get a pass from any jail time or record. Instead, the “community” will choose the punishment. Plus, as an added bonus, county taxpayers will pay for the crimes. This is all under an experimental program in King County, Seattle.

This is is the latest scheme from King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. It gives a pass to criminals. Critics say it gives Satterberg the ability to ignore his job. And even though these crimes disproportionately occur in Seattle, ultimately, it will be the entire county that pays.

First-Time Criminals are Getting Away with “Murder” Without Charges

This is an experiment. The program is not being done elsewhere. It is being devised by a prosecutor who has been in charge of more crime that has gotten worse and there are more criminals who are getting away without charges. In addition to substantial jail time, Satterberg is being described as the prosecutor unwilling to prosecute.

Non-violent, first-time felons will face a non-profit community panel to decide how the offender will be held accountable. This is under the “restorative justice” program. What he means by accountability, Satterberg won’t define.

Satterberg Sort of Defines Accountability in a Vague Way

“We can send that person instead (of jail) to a community accountability group, who will define what they think accountability means,” Satterberg told KOMO TV.

A Movement to Abolish Jails, Condone Violence and More

There’s a Seattle movement to literally abolish jails while condoning violence against cops and the destruction of corporations.

Do they get to define what accountability does mean?

The $6.2 million funding for the program comes from what would have gone to the sheriff’s office. Yet but like other law enforcement agencies in Seattle, they do face defunding. The King County Council is reimaging law enforcement. They are reinvesting funds in a county experiencing a surge in violent crime.

Taxpayers literally pay a price

The victims of these crimes do get to recover stolen or destroyed property. It said we will all have to pay for it, rather than the criminal.

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