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Ferrari Toys With The Idea Of An Upside-Down Engine

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Ferrari has come up with a unique idea for a new hybrid car that’s making waves in the automotive world—a car with an upside-down engine fueled by hydrogen. While this might sound strange, there are reasons behind it, and there’s more to this patent than just the unconventional engine placement.

The main reason Ferrari thinks an upside-down engine, running on hydrogen, is a good idea is because of the way they want to arrange the fuel tanks. They plan to have four tanks, each capable of holding a lot of hydrogen gas. Two spherical tanks would sit on each side of the engine, while the other two cylindrical tanks would sit on top of the engine. This setup would require the engine to be in a straight line, but it doesn’t explain why it needs to be upside down. The proposed car would be a hybrid, with an electric motor powering the front wheels.

Usually, we don’t see engines placed upside down in cars because of gravity. The main problem isn’t getting fuel into the engine—those systems can handle high pressure—but getting oil where it needs to go. In a regular engine, gravity helps drain oil back to the bottom, but that wouldn’t work with an upside-down engine.

To solve this, Ferrari plans to use a pressurized oiling system with three pumps. These pumps will send oil to a recovery tank, just like a regular system but with a twist. There’s also a pump for the coolant, driven by the camshafts.

Another issue with an upside-down engine is that oil could leak into the cylinders, causing serious damage.

Ferrari hasn’t fully explained how they’ll prevent this, but they seem to think their pumps will take care of it.

But wait, there’s more! This patent also includes ideas for the transmission and turbochargers. The transmission is a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and it’s not attached to the engine like usual. Instead, it connects directly to the crankshaft.

The reason for this is that Ferrari wants to drive twin centrifugal superchargers off the transmission. This setup supposedly optimizes airflow and reduces pressure drops. The superchargers would spin up to 100,000 rpm, while the transmission shaft spins up to 10,000 rpm. There’s even talk of using an electric motor to power the superchargers.

And if that’s not crazy enough, Ferrari has an alternate idea for a turbocharged version. The turbines and compressors would be separated, with a generator attached to the turbines. This generator would send power to a battery, which would then power the compressors attached to a single motor.

While it might seem unlikely that this whole system will end up in a production car, some parts could become reality. The transmission and supercharger setup are the most plausible. As for the upside-down engine, Ferrari still needs to figure out some challenges, but if they do, we could be looking at an incredibly innovative engine from Maranello.

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