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Emerald City Holds A Staggering Record Of Car Crashes: Here’s The Stats

You are currently viewing Emerald City Holds A Staggering Record Of Car Crashes: Here’s The Stats
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Seattle’s weather can be a cause of a number of accidents that occur in the city but which intersection is the most accident prone. Looking at Seattle 911 response to traffic a list has been put together that shows the top 25 areas that accidents occur most. A pattern was seen that crashes generally occur near shopping centers and major roads. The 25 intersections listed are considered to be the most hazardous intersections from July 2010 until Monday, October 24, 2016.

Starting off the list with intersections whose numbers of accidents through these years range from 50-60 accidents

25. 4th Ave S & S Michigan Street- 53 Accidents
24. 15th Ave NW & NW Market Street – 54 Accidents
23. Rainer Ave S & S Henderson St, Rainer Valley- 54 Accidents
22. 4400 Block of 4th St S – 55 Accidents
21. 6th Ave & James St- 60 Accidents
20. Rainer Ave S & S Orcas St- 60 Accidents

The next group of intersections has a range of 60-70 accidents during that time

19. 1000 block of S Jackson St- 62 Accidents
18. 4th Ave S & S Lander St- 62 Accidents
17. 23rd Ave S & S Jackson St- 63 Accidents
16. Southbound Battery St Tunnel- 65 Accidents
15. 12th Ave & S Jackson St- 68 Accidents

The next three intersections of the list contain a range from 70-90 accidents in the duration of the time period stated above

14. 2300 block of SW Webster St- 71 Accidents
13. 300 block of Northgate Way- 72 Accidents
12. Eastbound W Seattle Bridge- 74 Accidents
11. Martin Luther King Jr S & S Graham St-88 Accidents
10. Fairview Ave N & Mercer St- 89 Accidents

The last nine intersections are considered to be the most accident prone on the list ranging from 110-265 accidents in the time frame

9. 12th Ave & E Pike St-113 Accidents
8. Aurora Ave N & N 130th St- 114 Accidents
7. 4500 block of 25th Ave NE- 116 Accidents
6. 2300 block of SW Barton St- 118 Accidents
5. Martin Luther King Jr Way & S Othello St -120 Accidents
4. 300 Block of S Myrtle St- 155 Accidents
3. 800 block of Virginia St- 174 Accidents
2. 100 College Way- 214 Accidents
1. 400 block of NE Northgate Way- 262 Accidents

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  1. Alex

    I wonder how many of these accidents are caused by people who are texting or otherwise mentally engaged on something other than driving safety. I admit that I do take calls while I am driving but I never place calls and I never write or respond to texts. It will be interesting to track, over time, the number of accidents at these intersections and the reason(s) for the accidents.

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