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Clean Energy and Amazon Is Looking Into Renewable Natural Gas

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Amazon has started an agreement with Clean Energy Fuels. This is for the purpose of providing renewable natural gas. The big question here is whether or not Amazon is considering an entry into the renewable natural gas business. Will Amazon be fueling their fleet with Clean Energy and low-negative Renewable Natural Gas?

This is a good thing for Amazon as they are looking to own about 19.99% of Clean Energy with common stock coming in on a totally diluted basis. There has also been an 8-K filing with the SEC. The company has been disclosing a stock warrant issue to Amazon for an interest in the purchase of upwards of 53,141,755 shares of stock, with a par value of $0.0001 for every share. There was a inflow of 13,283,445 warrant shares.

What Will This Clean Energy Partnership Mean for Amazon?

To put it in human terms, there’s a huge possibility that Amazon will be enjoying RNG at 27 different fuel stations. This is all throughout the United States, with only 19 non-exclusive new or upgraded stations. This is with the expectation of hoisting new ones by the end of the year. This builds on 550 natural gas fuel stations all over.

This is no thanks to Clean Energy alone. But their CEO and President, Andrew Littlefair, had this to say from a press release. “If the world is really going to tackle the issue of climate change, all of us need to find solutions that work both environmentally and economically, and that is exactly what this agreement supports. Clean Energy was the first to commercially make RNG available as a vehicle fuel in 2013 and now fuels tens of thousands of vehicles across the country every day.”

One has to agree with Littlefair. If there really is change to be made in the midst of all of this, then we have to work together instead of apart. That includes the good people at Clean Energy.

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