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Chevy Beast Concept Went From Silverado Pickup To 650-HP Custom

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Chevy Beast sounds like an outrageous name but that’s what the concept truck is. Originally it began as a Silverado pickup truck. Then the Chevy engineers did let loose to build the ferocious vehicle.

Chevy Beast Concept and its Origins

The Beast did start as a Silverado. Then, apparently, the engineers did use a short-bed Silverado chassis, to begin with. From there, they did shorten that frame for an improved approach. Also for the break-over and departure angles. In fact, the whole thing does measure 204 inches long with a 126.9-inch wheelbase. In fact, both numbers do measure more than 20 inches shorter than a Silverado. But then it also became wider. Therefore, The Beast has a track width of 91 inches. That’s 17 inches wider than a Ford F-150 Raptor. It is nearly the same amount wider than a Hummer EV. In fact, the team has built a custom safety structure from Chromoly steel. It is naturally fitting with rugged bodywork, off-road lights, and tubular doors.

The width of the Beast comes with its huge 37-inch tires on 20-inch Beadlock wheels. It is also the by-product of a custom that is considering long-travel suspension on the truck. Gone is the leaf-spring setup in favor of a five-link live axle with coil springs. Moreover, at the front is an independent suspension with custom control arms. In fact, all four corners get some remote-reservoir off-road shocks. The Chevy has a front suspension and 12 inches of travel. The rear has 15.5. The approach, break-over, and departure angles do measure 45, 35, and 46.5 degrees, respectively.

The Beast is a supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8 making it 650 horsepower. Therefore it is coupling to a 10L90 10-speed automatic transmission. It is like what you’ll find in a Camaro ZL1. It has a low-range-equipped transfer case which is to send the power to all four wheels.

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