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Car Movers

If you are shipping a vehicle for the first time, it can be confusing and really stressful. It seems like it is something risky. You are not really sure what to do and how to actually work with car movers. How do you find the good ones? What happens next? What is the process of car transport like? And what if something happens in the process of an auto shipping? As you keep asking yourself, you only start worrying more. But you don’t have to, because auto transport is not that complicated and you will be fine if you ship with a good car transport company.

Seattle Car Shipping – How Car Movers Work

Car Movers

To explain to you what is going to happen once you have decided you are going to ship a car, we will tell you how we do it at Seattle Car Shipping.

When you call us for the first time, we will give you a free quote after asking for some details about your Seattle auto transport. If you have a quote from other Seattle car movers, we can beat it. After we have agreed on a price, we will assign a car carrier to ship your car.

On a chosen date your car will be picked up from your location. Before Car Moving, our driver will inspect it to see if there is any existing damage. Then it’s good to go! You don’t have to worry as our Seattle auto movers provide insurance for vehicles they ship. Should anything happen (although it’s extremely rare), you are fully covered.

Your car will be shipped to the place of your choice where you will have to be present to pick it up. It will be inspected again, and the process is done. Quite easy, isn’t it?
For more info, call Seattle Car Shipping. We will be happy to help you and offer the highest quality Seattle auto transport!