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FMCSA Uses Cameras For Road Tests

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Cameras are commonplace in the world today, including in trucks.
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Cameras are quickly becoming a norm in order to replace actual people. From using robots with iPads for graduation ceremonies to teachers holding class remotely, cameras have become an essential part of continuing education while under lockdown. Cameras are even seeping into the trucking world, thanks to the FMCSA.

According to new FMCSA standards driving instructors will be able to attend instructional tests and be able to monitor each student currently obtaining their CDL-license.

States have the option to either install camera systems into training vehicles, or have a duo of instructors in a follow vehicle to ensure proper protocol is followed.

For students, it may seem as if they are by themselves. This is a good entry point considering there will not be an instructor in the vehicle when they make their first deliveries.

Trucking is the Backbone of Industry

The industry heavily relies on truck drivers. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trucking industry took a major hit as many drivers reached the age of retirement.

Fleet managers had a hard time trying to convince potential new drivers that this would be the career choice for them, The job is hard, often long hours and long stretched of time away from family and close ones doesn’t create the ideal environment for healthy relationships.

For the drivers currently on the road during this time, many have been driving 14+ hours a day in order to make up the lack of available resources. This dangerous for anyone in truck transport or an adjacent industry.

Using Cameras Will Help Continue The Growth of Truck Drivers, says FMCSA

By utilizing cameras, the industry has found a way to help new drivers obtain their CDL license. This will add to the desperately in need industry. This will also help those looking for work in this tough time to achieve their goals of maintaining a career and helping towns and cities across America have the necessary supplies to continue.

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