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Bruce Harrell Sworn In As Mayor: Makes Oath To Keep The City As One

You are currently viewing Bruce Harrell Sworn In As Mayor: Makes Oath To Keep The City As One
Mayor Bruce Harrell presides over the Seattle-area.
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There’s a new mayor in town. And his name is Bruce Harrell. He hopes to unify his fellow Washingtonians as one with an ongoing selection of “progressive” policy goals, specific to public safety and housing.

Bruce Harrell had been sworn in at his home last year, in December after being elected in November. With a private city hall meeting, held carefully due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, Harrell made note of the “uncertainty and fear” which was caused by COVID.

Regarding COVID-19, Mayor Bruce Harrell had the following to say.

“From March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, we have lived in fear: fear to be around others; fear to shake someone’s hand; fear that our streets are unsafe; fear that Seattle has been heading in the wrong direction and can’t fix its problems; fear that our days in front of us hold less promise than those behind us.”

Yet, with Bruce Harrell’s guidance, he and his team hope that they can lead the way towards the city becoming “one Seattle.” Public Safety, is after all, a matter of his importance. In his speech, he continues on, saying that he’ll be working with safety leaders and justice leaders and law enforcement professionals to commit to culture change and gun violence prevention.

In other words, he wants to introduce leaders who can “reshape and redefine policing.”

There has to be a focus on hiring the “right kinds” of authorities. While also helping neighborhood become safer and more accessible.

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