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Best on-the-road Eateries in Washington

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Everyone agrees that one of the best parts of a good old road-trip is all the new food places you can discover along the way.  And Washington is no exception. So, whether you are passing by on a family vacation or as part of your commercial route, don’t hesitate to give these amazing Washington road trip restaurants a try.

Copper Creek Inn, Ashford

If you like rustic cabins and a lunch surrounded by nature, this is your spot! They have delicious American fare at great prices. Don’t miss the burger and pies. You might like them so much you’ll want to stay at one of their cabins.

La Tarasca, Centralia

If Mexican food is your jam, you can’t miss this place with authentic Michoacan food and chips and salsa to die for. If you need to continue your drive, change the margarita for horchata and you won’t go wrong.

Mr. T’s Family Cafe, Mount Vernon

At this family café by Mount Vernon, right off the highway, you might have to wait a bit in line to get your food, but when you see the sizes of those portions, you will forget about it. They shine for their breakfast fare.

Zeke’s Drive-In, Gold Bar

Sometimes when you are on the road, you just feel like a drive-through to get the engines going fast. If you are a fan of a cheeseburger with fries, this place is the right one for you. Get that good old American fast food feeling and don’t lose time on the road.

Shannon’s Cafe and Deli, Tonasket

Close to the border with Canada, you can find this deli with some outside dining to enjoy the fresh air. It’s not a very big place, but maybe that is the charm of this cute spot where you can also treat yourself to some ice-cream.

Stewart’s Meats, Yelm

If you are into meats, this butcher-shop-turned-restaurant will melt your mouth. Get all the energy you need for the road and take the chance to try some marinated ribs or some flavored jerky to go. Be advised it closes at 6 pm.

Lyman Tavern, Lyman

Known as the “horniest” tavern in the Northwest (due to all the deer horns, don’t think anything else), you can a get plenty of ice-cold beers and some good burgers. Get ready to share your meals with some bikers in this old-western-decor pub.

Gere-a-Deli, Anacortes

If you dig homemade food and want to have some options on the healthier side, this place is perfect for you. They are a family-run eatery and they made their food from daily from scratch. Besides, there are not many places where you can have such a good quiche or quinoa salad while on the road.

North Fork Beer Shrine, Deming

If the sun is setting and you can only dream of a huge American-style pizza with some cold imported beer, you will worship this place. And not only do they have a beer shrine, but you will also find a chapel in case you want to elope.

The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive, Bow

When you are feeling fancy, even while on the road, it’s good to have such great options as this high-end seafood bar. It is tucked into a cliffside and its breathtaking views won’t let you down. Neither will the oysters, which are some of the best around.

Do you enjoy eating on the road? Let us know some of your favorite Washington road trip restaurants in the comments!

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