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Avalanche Danger Imminent In Mountainous Area As Snow Falls In

You are currently viewing Avalanche Danger Imminent In Mountainous Area As Snow Falls In
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Our town may be experiencing some inclement weather, which in turn will cause an avalanche or two. If you can tell how, it’s very evident in that of the National Weather Service forecast. There are cold temperatures. that tend to be easy in blowing towards the Puget Sound region. This being from the Gulf of Alaska. Therefore, there will be a series of rain expected through the week. The Meteorologist, Matthew Cullen, believes that with the lower temperatures, there won’t be highs that can reach above the 40s along with a weather system that sputs out plenty of rainstorms.

Avalanche safety is no joke.

In which case, snow in the lowlands may be possible on Wednesday. Of course, Snow in the lowlands are not usually long-lasting. Officials happen to naturally warn how dangerous avalanche conditions can be in multiple forecasts.

Recently, the Northwest Avalanche Center had this to report: “Continue to avoid big open slopes capable of producing large avalanches, sticking to lower angle and less wind-affected terrain.” Of course, there will be considerable avalanche danger that may continue above the tree line at West Slopes, Stevens Pass, and even the other lesser-known areas like Snoqualmie Pass and East Slopes. Of course, one has to be careful of slab avalanches, where a layer of snow will break from a layer below.

Therefore, the crust breaks free, causing the cornice to also collapse, therefore triggering avalanches. The safe routes to travel in regarding an avalanche area involve the part along the windward slope of the ridgeline, going away from cornices and along the valley floor, far away from the leeward slope. Dense trees and rocky outcrops make it safer for resting. Still, you should avoid open slopes if possible.

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