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Approval Voting Ballot Measure Receives $160,000 Boost From Think Tank

You are currently viewing Approval Voting Ballot Measure Receives $160,000 Boost From Think Tank
When you're deciding on Approval Voting, you have a lot of responsibility on your hands.
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There was a campaign for a ballot measure in 2022 that would bring Seattle back to “approval voting” while the city’s biggest elections attract a huge-money backer.

For the Seattle Approves initiative campaign, way back in November, they were accepting of about $160,000 within the last month from the Center for Election Science. That place is a national think tank focusing primarily on approval voting, from the looks of the financial disclosures.

Seattle Approves Could Save Democracy With Approval Voting!

From the Seattle Approves proposal, voters are able to vote for many candidates in a crowded primary race. Of course, the two candidates with more votes may advance to the general election as per usual. With the general election imposing, there are still some who would vote for only one candidate. As that is the case. Approval voting tends to be of a similar design but not exactly like ranked-choice voting. Where some Seattle-reformers would like to implement their doings.

The contribution to Seattle Approves from CES shows in the Washington Observer newsletter, where chances are increased that the initiative campaign was supposed to collect enough petition signatures in order to qualify for a ballot that year.

And you would think approval voting would be acceptable but really it was going to have to be $200,000 acceptable. Which would stand to reason that it would collectively need more than 26,000 signatures from all voters in about 180 days of finalizing the petition. Within the past, initiative campaigns rely on paid signature gatherers, with many different means of spending. Seattle Approves tends to be similar. A lot of the $160,000 from CES is going to hire signature gatherers. And that is very important for the cause at hand. Because if Seattle Approves is totally approving, than maybe the city stands a chance at being the next beacon of hope.

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