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Amazon’s Biggest Sale of the Year: Prime Day on the 16th!

You are currently viewing Amazon’s Biggest Sale of the Year: Prime Day on the 16th!
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Amazon is having their annual Prime Day sale on Monday, July 16 this year! Just two weeks away!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Prime Day, it’s basically a day where Amazon includes discounted prices on many different items, but only for Prime Members.


In the past few years, the sales were on a hundred thousand items online. However, this year, Amazon is adding a little more kick to it! They are having sales, deals, and discounts on more than 1 million different items!


If you’ve been wanting to get yourself any one of Amazon’s electronics like Alexa, Fire TV, or Echo Dots, now is the perfect chance! Got a birthday coming up? Well, with these deals you’re bound to find something to fit your budget and maybe add an extra gift as well!


Over the past few years, Amazon has been trying to improve their inventory by making more of it available for people.


This year, Amazon is keeping Prime Day sales up for 36 hours! And it is not only in the U.S., but Prime Members in Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Luxembourg are also able to access the deals and purchase items on the website.


This sale is basically like the annual “Black Friday” sales that take place around Thanksgiving. But this is more than that and you know it!


For those of you who do not have a Prime Membership, fear not, there is a solution for it!


Amazon gives a 1-month Amazon Prime Free Trial for people who have not signed up before or used a specific email. If you sign up for the free trial anytime before Prime Day, you’ll be able to qualify for the sales and get whatever you need!


The company also offers an Amazon Prime Student account for students. College students get a 6-month free prime membership!


So, if you’ve been wanting to get something new for yourself or for anyone else, wait until the 16th and take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day deals!


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