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Amazon Sends $1.5 Million To Colleges For Computer Sciences

You are currently viewing Amazon Sends $1.5 Million To Colleges For Computer Sciences
Amazon is running the computer electronics education game.
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Have you ever just wanted to support your local community? Amazon has donated about $3 million to theirs’s. Yes. How generous. They sent the money to colleges. All around the Washington area of Seattle. This is meant to improve the computer science programs. And now the money being received at this level is allowing for about $1.5 million of it to be sent to Bellevue College. Bellevue is located only east of Seattle. This will occur over the course of about three years in order to support the bachelor of science in computer science. Certainly, at this point, there are about 187 undergraduates that are enrolled in the degree program. That of which was able to launch in 2017. The gift is likely to improve the experience for all enrolled students and even the college outreach sector for all the K-12 students.

Seattle and their College Foundation are also benefitting from this as about $1.5 million is being sent to them. All for the purpose of a newly-launched bachelor of science in computer science. As of Fall, North Seattle College ahs been able to admit the first class of about 20 students pursuing the degree.

Amazon has been able to donate around $1 million for the effort, which in turn, would fund the hiring and training of a lead faculty member.

Amazon is amazing!

Lately, the computer science degrees have been in high demand from students in Washington state. This has all been seen in the nationally ranked Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering while the University of Washington accepting nearly 7% of the direct applicants to undergraduate programs. The UW branch campuses as well as other universities offer up the computer science degree programs. Bellevue College has been the first Washington community college in order to offer a bachelor of science in the field.

Within the past year, the state was able to allow many community colleges to offer the degree. Which in turn allows to the North Seattle technology program. The Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges expect more schools to join them next year.

Tuition from the colleges happens to be significantly less than usual at the universities. The annual in-state tuition and fees for computer science students at Bellevue College to cost around $7,266 comparatively to the $12,076 rate per year at the UW.

Educators think that the demand for computer science degrees is only going to keep skyrocketing, all in thanks to high wages and employment opportunities.

Washington state holds about 333,000 tech jobs. These roles require tech skills and a totality of jobs at tech companies, all in specifics to a 2022 report from the Computing Technology Industry Association, otherwise known as the CompTIA. Workers in specific hold a median salary of about $124, 653. Which, in turn, would increase the income up to 147% higher than the state median.

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