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Amazon Is Bringing Grocery Shopping To A New Level… Say Goodbye to Checkout Lines.

You are currently viewing Amazon Is Bringing Grocery Shopping To A New Level… Say Goodbye to Checkout Lines.
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Amazon is changing the world of grocery shopping. They are behind a new food and convenience store that is opening in 2017 in Seattle, Washington. What is special about this store is that it will eliminate the hassle of checkout lines.
How does it work? Customers scan their phones at the entrance of the store with the new Amazon go app, and then simply shop. Then, the technology is able to track all the items the customer picks up or even puts back. Whatever is picked up is added to the customer’s virtual cart. Once done shopping, the customer can simply walk out of the store, once outside their Amazon account will be automatically charged.
The retail store will be 1,800 ft in size and will have ready-made food and grocery available for purchase. Amazon is still running tests on the idea but plans to open up the store to the public in 2017. The test ground for the Amazon Go store is located inside on the company’s campus. Employee’s are able to buy breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack, even bread and cheese from the store. Another Amazon invention is Amazon Meal Kits, which has all the ingredients available inside of it, enough to make a meal for two in a whopping 30 minutes.
This is not the first time that Amazon is experimenting with a brick and mortar store. Last year, they opened a bookstore in Seattle, Portland, and San Diego.

Back in 2007, AmazonFresh was launched. Amazon Fresh is a delivery service that delivers fresh food to customers that purchased the online. Since, people may be more skeptic about purchasing groceries online, opening an actual store with fresh foods may be a better idea for Amazon.

Amazon Go is bringing a whole new meaning to grocery shopping just like it did a couple years ago with one click online shopping.

Are you excited for the new Amazon Go store? Do you think it will be socially accepted?

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