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Afghan Woman Wants To Organize Refugees All Across Washington State

You are currently viewing Afghan Woman Wants To Organize Refugees All Across Washington State
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All throughout Washington State, there are nonprofit organizations that are committing themselves to save refugees. Specifically, those fleeing the regime were made by the Taliban. A woman named “Ameri” for anonymous reasons, says that it’s her sincere hope that the fellow Afghan people. But it’s tough for everyone. Including Ameri, who says she’s just not sure if she could “have any hope left inside my heart.” In any case, the Taliban still exists as a very real threat that plagues the worries of any refugees who have already arrived at the United States. Ameri arrived in the states about four years ago. She’s a full-time student yet not planning to go back home now that it has reverted into a state of war.

Ameri says that her “mission is to support my people who are coming out here.” In the interim, it’s way apparent that Ameri doesn’t let go of her Afghan roots, as she willingly volunteers. Specifically, for the Refugee Women’s Alliance, which happens to be a nonprofit of the local variety. Since the Taliban took over, calls and emails from all sorts of individuals.

Furthermore, Ameri is distraught by the threats out there for fellow Afghan ladies.

“The streets are empty, women are so scared,” she says. As far as on a national scale, the federal government is bracing itself. For what? For a whole load of nearly 22,000 refugees likely arriving back within the next couple of weeks.

This is all an incredible amount of pressure that has been forming as of a result of President Joe Biden pulling the troops out of the Middle East too early. Weeks later, the Afghan government disappeared and the Taliban took over. The United States Immigration system is pushing us to an extent that is already reaching it’s breaking point. You almost begin to think and wonder if there ever will be achievable world peace for us to enjoy.

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