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5 Seattle CEOs On List Of Most Liked By Employees

You are currently viewing 5 Seattle CEOs On List Of Most Liked By Employees
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Glassdoor, review and recruiting website, announced results of their study on CEOs most liked by their employees in the United States. They made a list of top executives with the highest approval ratings among employees at companies with over 1,000 workers. 5 Seattle CEOs made it to the list, including top executives of T-Mobile, Zillow, Costco, Expedia and Slalom Consulting.


Glassdoor allows workers anonymously rate and review their employers and senior managers. Companies with at least 100 reviews of the CEO were considered in the study.


Among Seattle top executives who made it to the list is T-Mobile CEO John Legere. He ranked number 12 with a 95% approval rating.


The next Seattle CEO on the list is Dara Khosrowshahi of Expedia who has made it to number 21 She is followed by the CEO of Zillow Group, Spencer Rascoff at number 23. Rich Barton, co-founder of both companies, is also a co-founder of Glassdoor.


Brad Jackson of Slalom Consulting is number 44 and Craig Jelinek of Costco Wholesale is number 46 on the list.


The most liked CEO on the list overall is Bob Bechek with a 99% approval rating. He is a worldwide managing director of Bain & Company, Boston consulting firm. Mark Zuckerbeg of Facebook and Jeff Weiner of Linked In are also on the list at number 4 and 5 respectively.


Three of Seattle firms have also ranked in a list of the highest paying companies and seven companies have appeared on a list of the best places to work in other reports by Glassdoor.

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