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32-Year-Old Man Died While Climbing Mount Stuart

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Sunday afternoon, a man’s life was taken away during a climb on Mount Stuart.


The 32-year-old man was climbing Mount Stuart with his friend.


They had climbed the mountain and were already going down. They had reached the Cascadian Couloir.


When the man and his friend reached a false summit by the east side of the mountain, he lost his foot grip and quickly fell down a slope.


His friend did not know what to do. When the man fell, he called for help and waited until they arrived.


Their location was about 9,000 feet up in the mountain.


A rescue helicopter arrived at the location 3 hours later.


The navy crew found the man’s body and declared him dead. His friend was rescued from the hill by the helicopter.


Their identities have not been released. The family of the man leaves out of Washington, but they have already been contacted by authorities.


Mount Stuart is one of the tallest mountains in Washington. Sadly, it took this man’s life away.



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