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Starbucks is Eliminating the Use of Plastic Straws in All Stores

July 9, 2018


Seattle, Washington – Today is the day Starbucks announced that they will start to get rid of plastic straws.


The Seattle-based coffee company stated today that they will no longer use plastic straws for cold drinks. More than half of their menu contains iced drinks, which is why the company decided to take some action for bettering our planet.


Howard Schultz, the executive chairman of Starbucks, said that they plan to use recyclable lids instead of the plastic straws. They might also create straws made from recyclable materials for the cold drinks.


Over 1 billion plastic straws are used just by Starbucks every single year.


Over the past month, the new ban on ‚Äúsingle-use plastic products‚ÄĚ in Seattle has taken effect on all businesses.


Because of the ban, Starbucks has exchanged plastic straws and coffee stompers. However, they want to expand this ban on themselves throughout all their stores globally.


The company wants to improve on pollution and use recyclable materials as much as possible for the better of our planet.

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