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Seattle Man Stole The Same Store Two More Times After Being Released From Jail

September 19, 2018

Seattle store

Washington, Seattle—According to police a downtown Seattle Target store got ripped off by a career criminal three times in four days. The man was previously arrested and released for his crimes.


The surveillance camera spotted 41-year-old Jason Lewis confronting sales employees at the electronics floor of the department store.


Frightened sales workers left him alone after getting bruised. 41-year old criminal grabbed as many electronics as he could within 15 minutes.


Lewis began to push over the store displays and used it as a hammer to break a secure container loaded with I pads and Apple watches. After he failed for the first time, he kicked it over and over again. The desperate man tried to open it with two feet. He could barely move the very heavy 4-foot by 3-foot locked case.


After flipping the case onto the floor and sliding it, he got into an escalator while people were riding on it.


Jason Lewis loaded all the electronics into a duffel bag which was stolen from the Columbia store down the street, as police said.


Police were reported about the burglary but didn’t respond for unknown reasons. Lewis got arrested later that night for car prowling. After he got released from a jail, Lewis went back to the same store and repeated the thefts two more times over three days.


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