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Seattle shooting

35-Year -Old Man Shot Multiple Times in Seattle’s Rainier Valley

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON---Police are searching for a gunman who shot a 35-year-old man multiple times.   The incident happened late Sunday night in Seattle’s Rainier Valley.   According to Seattle police, the shooting happened out...Read More

Seattle Thai students

Ruled Murder-Suicide of Thai Students in Seattle

 SEATTLE, WA -- The Seattle Times reported that the deaths of two female students from Thailand has been recognized as a ruled murder-suicide.   Kornkamol Leenavarat, 25, and her friend Thiti-orn Chotchuangsap, 32...Read More

Seattle SUV Shooting

The 20-Year-Old Got Shot:Seattle Police is Searching For The Suspect

Seattle, Washington ----Seattle Police are searching for a silver Honda Pilot to identify the owner after a shooting of   20-year-old of August 12 in the 7400 block of Rainier Avenue South.   The shooting happened when the 20-year-old v...Read More

Seattle woman hiking

”We Are Not Going to Stop in Any Way Shape or Form”: Seattle Hiker is Missing

The woman named Samantha ‘’Sam’’ Sayers went missing on Aug.1.   28-year-old Sayers is an experienced day hiker, family says.   She was supposed to come back that night, but she didn’t return. Investigators found her c...Read More

seattle fire

Dumpster Fires Reported in Bellevue and Redmond: The Suspect is in Custody

BELLEVUE - REDMOND, WASHINGTON – Several investigators say at least 18 dumpster fires are believed to have been intentionally set early Wednesday morning.   Multiple calls from neighbors were reported about the fires at around 12:35 a.m....Read More

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