Truck Crash

11 People Arrested for an Overnight Prostitution Sting in Truck Stop

PIERCE COUNTY, Washington -- Washington State Police arrested nearly a dozen people in an overnight human trafficking sting at an undisclosed truck stop location in Pierce County last week.   The four hours undercover bust, dubbed ÔÇťOpera...Read More

Washington shooting

A Deputy Shot Under Investigation in the Snohomish County

GRANITE FALLS, Washington -- A deputy shot is being investigated by the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office. An injured man was armed with a hatchet and other weapons near Granite Falls Monday night.   The incident took place around 8:30 p.m...Read More

Everett Robbery

A Lawyer Arrested for Attempted Bank Robbery in Everett

EVERETT, Washington -- An Everett lawyer has been arrested in what police describe as an attempted bank robbery on December 13.   The Daily Herald reports that Richard Evan Kriger had a fake beard, dark glasses and gloves when he showed up...Read More

Norovirus in Seattle

Possible Norovirus Outbreak at a Seattle Restaurant

SEATTLE, Wahington -- County health officials are investigating a possible norovirus gastroenteritis outbreak at a Seattle restaurant.   King County Health Department officials learned of 15 people who became ill after eating food from Mam...Read More

A 20-Foot Waves Can Reach Washington and Oregon Coastlines

SEASIDE, Washington/Oregon -- A high surf advisory will be in effect Tuesday night and part of Wednesday for the northern Oregon and southern Washington coasts.   The high surf advisory is in effect from 9 p.m. Tuesday unt...Read More

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