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Seattle Starbucks

Starbucks Announcing 350 Layoffs at Seattle Headquarters

Seattle, Washington -Starbucks laid off 350 corporate employees on Tuesday as a part of the reorganization agenda.   The expected changes in regard to layoffs were announced earlier this fall.   The world’s biggest coffeehous...Read More


New Delivery Method Via Electric- Assisted Tricycles by UPS

Seattle, Washington - As the traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem with the rise of e-commerce deliveries, such as Uber eats and Lyft, more vehicles are competing for limited parking lots.   As a solution to this huge problem, Unit...Read More

Seattle Private School grant

Seattle Public School will Get a New $ 2 Million Grant by Amazon

Seattle, Washington - Seattle Public School will get a new grant by Amazon for about $2 million. The company announced a new grant for the Alliance for Education to create the ‘’Right Now Needs Fund.   The fund will be allocated for th...Read More

Seattle bike

Tens of Millions in Bike Infrastructure: Only 2.8 Percent of Seattle Workers Bike to Work

Seattle, Washington----A new report showed that only 2.8 percent of Seattle workers use a bike to commute to work. This is a significant decline, as columnist and bike advocate Gene Balk said.   The city of Seattle invests tens of millions...Read More

Seattle store

Seattle Man Stole The Same Store Two More Times After Being Released From Jail

Washington, Seattle---According to police a downtown Seattle Target store got ripped off by a career criminal three times in four days. The man was previously arrested and released for his crimes.   The surveillance camera spotted 41-year-...Read More

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