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Seattle school bus delays

Seattle School Bus Delays Looming in the New Year

SEATTLE, WA – Transportation is about to get tricky in Seattle. With the upcoming closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct on January 11, commuting to schools and work will be a bit more time consuming. The major...Read More

Seattle Starbucks

Starbucks Announcing 350 Layoffs at Seattle Headquarters

Seattle, Washington -Starbucks laid off 350 corporate employees on Tuesday as a part of the reorganization agenda.   The expected changes in regard to layoffs were announced earlier this fall.   The world’s biggest coffeehous...Read More


New Delivery Method Via Electric- Assisted Tricycles by UPS

Seattle, Washington - As the traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem with the rise of e-commerce deliveries, such as Uber eats and Lyft, more vehicles are competing for limited parking lots.   As a solution to this huge problem, Unit...Read More

Seattle Private School grant

Seattle Public School will Get a New $ 2 Million Grant by Amazon

Seattle, Washington - Seattle Public School will get a new grant by Amazon for about $2 million. The company announced a new grant for the Alliance for Education to create the ‘’Right Now Needs Fund.   The fund will be allocated for th...Read More

Seattle bike

Tens of Millions in Bike Infrastructure: Only 2.8 Percent of Seattle Workers Bike to Work

Seattle, Washington----A new report showed that only 2.8 percent of Seattle workers use a bike to commute to work. This is a significant decline, as columnist and bike advocate Gene Balk said.   The city of Seattle invests tens of millions...Read More

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