Tiny house

Tiny House Village: Seattle Volunteers Give Back to the Community

The city of Seattle is doing wonders! It is giving back to the community and helping homeless women with the new village plan. A team of volunteers helped put together a village that consists of tiny houses for homeless women seeking shelter. &...Read More

prime day

Amazon’s Biggest Sale of the Year: Prime Day on the 16th!

Amazon is having their annual Prime Day sale on Monday, July 16 this year! Just two weeks away!   For those of you who aren’t familiar with Prime Day, it’s basically a day where Amazon includes discounted prices on many different items...Read More

plastic straws

Seattle is Banning the Use of Plastic Straws and Plastic Utensils

No matter where you go, most restaurants in the U.S. have plastic utensils and use plastic straws for their drinks.   At certain restaurants, employees use as much as 200 to 300 straws while serving drinks to customers.   Starti...Read More


Amazon’s Battle Against Seattle

As you may have already heard, recently, Seattle passed a new tax for big companies. Their goal is to help and improve the city’s homelessness issue. According to the new tax law, companies that make a minimum of $20 million a year must pay $275 an...Read More

seattle road closures on i-90

Delays Expected on I-90: A $22 Million Repaving Project Coming Up

Drivers could run into major backups along I-90 between Issaquah and North Bend as a $22 million repaving project gets underway.   On Monday crews began work on the 15-mile stretch of I-90 -- a project that's expected to last two springs a...Read More

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