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Highway Shutdown Incites Fear

Commuters in Seattle will be facing their own version of LA’s 2011 “Carmageddon” freeway shutdown. The Alaskan Way Viaduct, a major road for commuters along Seattle’s downtown waterfront, will shut down for good on Fr...Read More

Seattle Takes the Cake for the Smallest Apartments in the US

Just like the housing supply in Seattle is small, so are the apartments. Even though new units are arriving on the market, they are continually dwindling in size. More small apartment complexes are arriving on the market for a more affordable solutio...Read More

Very Festive Cabaret and Much More for this Christmas Season in Seattle

The Christmas season in Seattle basically comes with Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. It sparks up with a wide range of holiday events, from boozy pop-up to dance parties and everything that comes in between.   Don’t miss out most o...Read More

Seattle study

How and Why Seattle Minimum-Wage Increase Affects Workers?

The increase of minimum wages in Seattle does not only have benefits. According to research conducted among economists from the University of Washington Seattle’s recent mi...Read More


From Winner Restaurants to Mind-blowing Shopping: Discovering Seattle

The city popular for having Amazon and Starbucks is a great place to visit, whether you are single, or have a couple, family and kids.   It also has great value for business travelers. After the area’s first largest employer Boeing had s...Read More

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