Burnt Remains Found In Burnt Pick-Up Truck… Connected To Triple Homicide

A truck was found in connection to a triple homicide. A fire became a cause of death for three unidentified individuals last week.


The burnt remains of two males and one female were found in a home on the 13400 block of Tenino Dr. West near Lake Tahuyeh and Gold Mountain around 12:30 pm on Friday.


A truck and the 43 year old John D. Careaga were reported missing after the incident. John D. Careaga is the owner and father of the family.


The truck was found with human remains on the inside, which were severely burnt. The truck which was a 2005 brown Ford F-150 was completely burnt.


Authorities are working to identify the remains. The investigation is still in progress.


If anyone has any information about the homicide please contact the authorities.

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